Controls Team Update (2/3/2017)

First off, I want to give a big shout out to Brett Henderson and Vivotek Inc. Brett came out from Thousand Oaks to check out our lab and hook us up with some awesome cameras for Titan II. Our camera system will be nothing short of extraordinary thanks to Brett and his team at Vivotek Inc.
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Control Team Update

Hello team, sponsors, family and friends!

Just wanted to give an update to everyone about the controls team progress over the break. After the typical brutality that is finals week, the controls team came together and worked hard to keep moving ahead during what is usually a much needed break. The team worked hard to ensure a prototype of the mobility system was built and tested, research into the autonomous traversal system and the equipment needed was done, as well as researching ways to implement a fuzzy logic style of inverse kinematics for the control of the arm. Let’s dive in!
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