Community Outreach 

It has been a long time since our initial post! We have much to catch up on so let’s get to it. 
The Fall 2016 semester thus far has been extremely busy and successful for Titan Rover. We have extended our arms to the community and they have gracefully embraced us. 

We started by recruiting our new team through heavy advertising and reaching out to students personally at events like Discoverfest, Student Innovation Expo,  and ECS Welcome Back Week. Through these events we attracted nearly 200 newsletter sign-ups and through the course of the semester has translated to about 40 dedicated individuals working on the project . 

In addition to our recruiting we have been dedicated to community outreach. In just the past month we have partnered with Santa Ana College for their STEM Week Expo and with the Association of Computing Machinery – Women to host a booth at the STEM Expo with our Rover for the Girl Scouts of Orange County. In addition to our booth we hosted a workshop for the high school girls teaching them how to program a microcontroller to change LED light patterns. 

Kids love our Rover and we are dedicated to using it to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at a young age. With the low cost and easy of use we have laid the groundwork for several children to build and program their own robot. Nothing beats hands-on experience in education so an introduction to these skills at a young age can have a tremendous impact on their future. You can see videos of our outreach events below.  

Our next outreach event is this Saturday, we will be hosting a booth at the Pumpkin Launch in the CSUF athletic fields. We will have a pneumatic pumpkin smasher which can be controlled by you! We are always looking for new opportunities, feel free to contact me personally at to discuss any upcoming events.