Welcome to Titan Rover!

The 2016 Titan Rover team takes a picture with Titan I after competing in the qualifying round of University Rover Challenge. (Hanksville, UT - June 2016)


Mission Statement

Titan Rover is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists working towards the construction of a mobile robot set to compete in the Mars Society’s International University Rover Challenge. The mission is to create a device that will serve as an exploratory vehicle for astronauts sent to extraterrestrial environments. The rover will allow a team of astronauts to interact with harsh environments from a safe, secluded location. Thus, the competition requires wireless communication, video feedback, and the ability to collect samples and transport equipment over an unrelenting terrain. Our team of mechanical engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, and geologists collaborate to ensure that all requirements are met with a creative and innovative approach.

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