Mission Update: Entry 1

This is a new blog series we are starting to keep everyone informed on our progress. 

So far our semester has been very productive and we are on track to have a completely operational Rover by March. Next Wednesday we will be having our Mechanical Systems Critical Design Review and have scheduled our Control Systems Critical Design Review for November 30th.

Following our CDRs we will reach a critical and often overlooked milestone in the product development process, the design freeze. While the industry is somewhat forced into a design freeze because manufacturing rarely happens under the same roof as development, it isn’t a standard in academia. By following the industry standard we ensure that we can go into full production of our rover and that no part was designed that didn’t go through multiple reviews. 

The next phase for us is purchasing and manufacturing. Purchasing is critical and must be conducted in a fairly quick manner to ensure that we meet our production goal and have ample time to program and test all components. Manufacturing is one of the most difficult phases for us due to scheduling difficulties in our machine shop. Luckily our Manufacturing Lead has open access to an off-campus machine shop allowing better access and availability. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress. Here’s the latest render of our rover: