Mars is there, waiting to be reached.

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Who We Are

Titan Rover is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary students who gather together to research, design, manufacture, and test a Mars Exploration Rover (MER) on behalf of California State University, Fullerton at the University Rover Challenge (URC). Our mission is to develop skills that are applicable in the professional work force and to nurture our members combined passions for space, science, engineering and discovery. Every member is personally motivated to to create a competitive rover utilizing every resource we have.

Every member working on the Titan Rover Project develops skills through application and practice, and can see the payoff for all their hard work in the end.

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Our Build

To meet competition requirements Calypso will be both remotely controlled and have autonomous functions. The chassis is made out of welded aluminum with structural supports and a fully independent suspension system, as well as a low center of gravity to ensure that it can traverse steep gradients without falling over. The brains of Calypso consist of a NVidia TX2 Jetson that receives input from the pilots and sends the commands to the rest of the mobility systems and arm.

With the use of an in-house constructed seven-axis carbon fiber arm with a 360 degree rotating wrist, it will perform tasks such as towing equipment and supplies, retrieving soil samples, monitoring the weather, and completing preventative maintenance on a mock habitation module.

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