Titan Rover

Altium is a Sponsor of Titan Rover!

Titan Rover is incredibly proud to announce Altium as a sponsor for the 2017-2018 year! With Altium’s cutting-edge software, Titan Rover will be able to achieve success in the University Rover challenge!

The Electrical team in Titan Rover will use Altium Designer to design many if not all electronic systems in the Rover. By using Altium, the industry standard for PCB designing, our electrical engineering students will be able to learn, implement, and design PCB’s more efficiently. Our Rover’s electrical requirements will be met with the quickly paced deadlines approaching. Not only will this software aid in the construction of this Rover, but our partnership with Altium also aids our students by using state-of-the-art software tools to prepare them for future careers in engineering.


Altium is an international corporation headquartered in San Diego, Califoria, and provides next-generation electronics design systems for 3d PCB design and embedded system development software. Altium seeks to break down barriers to innovation for students and engineers. Altium Designer offers a design environment that links all aspects of an intelligent systems design and combines it into one affordable application. For more information, visit www.altium.com.

Titan Rover is a multidisciplinary team of students who gather together to research, design, manufacture, and test a Mars Exploration Rover at the University Rover Challenge on behalf of Cal State University, Fullerton. Our mission is to develop skills that are applicable in the profession workforce, and to nurture the combined passions for space, science, engineering, and discover for all of our team members.